As an undergraduate at UNC, I was a partial scholarship baseball player during the 1966-68 seasons. I was quite poor and since I started on the Varsity Baseball Team during the 1968 season, I asked coach Rabb for more scholarship money. Since there was none, I transferred to Adelphia University where I received a full scholarship for baseball.

However, during that 1969 year I was number 154 in the lottery. Since all of my credits didn’t transfer, I spent an extra semester at Adelphia and graduated in January, 1971. I was very lucky because in May of 1970 I signed up for the National Guard and was selected in March of 1971, just prior to my being drafted since 154 was passed in the lottery.

I spent 4 months on active duty and the remainder of my time in the National Guard reserves. Many of the recruits I trained with went straight to Vietnam after AIT.

Today I am a financially secure CPA and Chief Financial Officer of a $130 million dollar entity but never regret my experience at Carolina. Get letters from Coach Fox all the time. I wish I could have afforded to complete my undergraduate days at Carolina.