To read the Selective Service’s own history of the Vietnam draft lotteries, go to This site has a CHART OF LOTTERY NUMBERS AND BIRTH DATES for all four years (1969 through 1972).

There is also a lot of information at the “Fighting 15th” military outfit’s web site at including examples of official notices to report for physical and for induction, as well as a contemporary news report on the 1969 lottery.

More interesting information and insights are available at a Wellesley College poli sci professor’s website:   This site has information on the draft and also lots of information on all aspects of the Vietnam war.

For a note on the non-random nature of the 1969 lottery, see

To see the humorous lyrics of folksinger Phil Ochs’ Draft Dodger Rag go to

Live coverage of the 1969 draft lottery by CBS (with Roger Mudd) can be viewed on YouTube at  You may have an anxiety attack all over again.

To read a recent study on how your lottery number supposedly influences your political views, see

To read an article about the lottery in Vietnam magazine, which includes excerpts from stories on this site, see