My number was 333, which was a very fortunate number, and has made me a believer in 3 (and multiples of 3) as my lucky numbers ever since.

If I had lotteryed at number 1 like my friend Jim S. did, I would have tried to get into grad school as fast as I could, or become a conscientious objector, which my dad said would be hard to do in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. I don’t think I could have gone to live in Canada, and I think I would have been a misfit as a draftee in the Army. Prior to Carolina, I spent six years in McCallie military school and that gave me enough of the wearing of a uniform.

All in all I am a peacenik still, as a peacenik I became while at Carolina, marching with Anne Q. and the Campus Y students against the war–to the distress of the Morehead Foundation which granted me my scholarship.The Foundation tolerated me then–reluctantly–but to their credit they did not seriously try to change me or take away my scholarship.

I despise the Bush Administration and have an Obama sticker on the back of my Cadilac De Ville. This puzzles a lot of folks in South Georgia. I live for the day when peace will become a tough-minded cause again as it did for some of us in the Martin Luther King days of the sixties.