Since I was 24 in 1969 and would soon no longer be eligible for a student deferment from the military I anxiously awaited my draft number.  When I learned that my lottery number was 059,  I was worried.  The Draft Resistance Union was actively helping infom people of how to avoid the draft.  I learned that I was unlikely to serve in the miltary because a previous surgery, needed to repair my broken leg, left me with 4 screws in my left tibia.  To avoid having to go through the anxiety and trouble of the army medical exam, only to be rejected, I asked my surgeon to write a letter to the draft board explaining my medical situation.  On my 25th birthday I received a very welcome birthday present, a Draft Board notice that I was 4-F and thus permanently ineligible for military service.  It turned out my ski injury was a good "break" after all.