I was scheduled to graduate from the University of Wisconsin in June of 1969 but needed an extra semester to finish.  I was classifed 1-A beginning when my student deferment ended in June, and I received a middle level draft number. I started my career in public accounting in Chicago in February of 1970 and was notified for a draft physical and related examinations. I expected to be drafted sometime that summer as the first draft numbers were being called at about 30 per month. I contemplated enlisting in the Air Force but was not eager to make a 6 year committment as I wanted to make a career as a CPA. I was willing to do my duty, probably as an officer, for the 2 years required.  I was lucky–the highest lottery number called in 1970 was 195 my number was 198.  I have been employed in public accounting for 38 years.