Mine is not a long story. All I remember is that I was in my fourth year in school at the University of Wisconsin. I had one more year of Pharmacy School. I had already had two friends from Pulaski High School die over there and to tell you the truth I didn’t really want to go, even though I would have if called. As I remember the lottery was winding down and I believe the cut-off was 148 or 149 and I was 151. I was relieved I could finish school.

I also was indirectly involved in the anti-war riots in Madison. I lived in Ogg Hall on the 2nd floor. There was no 1st floor–the 2nd floor was like an extension with bike racks underneath. I don’t remember the time of year but I was studying for a pharmacology exam when a tear gas canister went off right under my window. Needless to say we had to evacuate the room and I ended up getting a D on the exam. The room smelled like tear gas for 6 months.