Had a II-S student deferment in college from 1964 to 1968, took army physical Sept 1968 and they found a hernia I didn’t know I had, making me temporarily "unacceptable" (the army offered to repair my hernia–I declined).  Lived with my hernia, being careful, until I received a fairly high and safe lottery number (around 285) in 1969, whereupon I had the hernia repaired.

Prior to the hernia and high lottery number, I had applied for concientious objector status in 1968 (not granted), and before the "miracle" hernia at the army physical, I was planning on moving to Canada rather than be drafted, and had researched it and made plans to do so.  The high lottery number allowed me to stay and complete my education (BS ’68 & MA ’70) and go on about my life and career