I was attending NC State and living in an apartment with two roommates. One of my friends (Tim) from Campbell College showed up at the apartment and suggested we all go out partying as the lottery could change our lives forever. (We were all I-A). My two roomies decided to stay in and watch the live telecast of the first 100 numbers. Tim and I went out and had a few drinks.

By the time I got back my roommates were both in bed. When I got to the breakfast table the next AM I was greeted by cold silence followed by a toss of the paper…they saw both their numbers come up …18 and 85 I think.. mine was 326 and Tim’s was something over 350. Both roommates ended up joining the AF and spent time in SE Asia…one was actually on a plane that was shot down. Fortunately, they both made it back in one piece.
That was almost 40 years ago but a night I will never forget.