My number was 324 but the lottery was a non-event for me.  I left home for NC State planning to enroll in ROTC and to become an officer in military aviation.  My uncle was a Tuskeegee Airman and this was my dream from early childhood.  I remember reading his flight training materials at my grandmother’s home and dreaming of flight sitting on her front porch.

I have never been more frustrated than the moment I received orders that diverted me from flight training to an engineering assignment.  I love America and continue to honor my oath but I did not support the decision for us to be in that war.  An American soldier’s duty is to defend his or her country and Constitution and to honor that same Constitution in the execution of all duties.  War never achieves lasting material gains.  We go to war to fight for ideals, for the future of our hopes and dreams..and the American Dream still lives!