The draft lottery was a time of anxiety and a time of personal introspection.  With all the anti-war sentiment around us and my desire to complete my engineering degree (I was a sophomore), I kept asking the question, "What effect is this lottery going to have on me?  My friends?" My best friends from high school were all sitting aroung the black and white TV in the dorm room at NC State University watching with a heavy heart and anticipation as the numbers were drawn and reported.  As each number was read, I would think, what will I do if my number is next?

Soon after the lottery began, I heard voices going up and down the hall, sarcastically proclaiming, "We’re number one, we’re number one."  Do I laugh or is this a new reality for me…My number was finally revealed at 344 and I felt a bitter sweet emotion.  I’m safe from this draft, but many will have their lives changed forever.  My love of country and patriotism would have compelled me to serve if I had been chosen.  I completed my degree and had a great career.  Thanks to NC State University for the education and training to compete and for the many draftees that fought in an unpopular war.  I honor them!