I was married, and a senior in college. My lottery draft number was 107. Bobby D., who went to NC State with me, graduated from high school with me and was born in the same hospital in Statesville, NC, just enough hours later to be born the day after me, drew No. 365. 

Somehow, I never missed a govt. party. I received my draft papers on July
3, 1971 to report to Ft. Jackson, SC for basic training. But by the grace of God and the help from my college advisor, I had joined the Army Reserves on April 4th, 1971. I did report to Ft. Jackson, SC for Basic and AIT in July of 1971.

I stayed in the Reserves for 20 years. I was the First Sergeant of the 846th
Transportation Company in Salisbury, NC when we were mobilized to the
Persian Gulf War in November, 1990. 

When we got back home I transfered to the NC National Guard in Lenoir, NC. I stayed in the Guard for 10 years to get my 30. The humor is: I was an E6, E7 and E8 twice and a Captain for a week. Not many can or want
to say that.  I lived long enough to finally start drawing my military retirement this July. It sure helps !