Why are you polishing your shoes so much? I remember as a freshman, when I had a student deferment given to me in 1968 which would last through the lottery, that I used to tease my freshman roommate, Roy, who was a high school buddy.  He was in ROTC and had to go to Drill and polish his shoes, march through wet grass and then get demerits from someone who was trying, too late in life for most of us, to teach that life is unfair.  (Coming from a small town in eastern NC with weak high schools had already done this).

Well at the lottery, we were all sitting around listening to the radio (portable TVs were too expensive) and Roy drew number 363.  I drew 90.  Needless to say, Roy got the last laugh and withdrew from ROTC the next semester.

Me, I kept my deferment until I was drafted after graduation. In the last draft in 1972, my county draft board drafted to 95 and I was 90.  Luckily I had 30 days to report and I was able to find a reserve unit within 10 days.  My notice came the same day I left for graduate school.