I received my draft notice while I was a Sophomore at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Il.  I got a deferment for one year with a letter from the Dean of Students.  When my year ended, I was informed that I had to go without further discussion directly into Viet Nam via the draft. But good old President Nixon was discussing the Lottery and I got an additional 7 months’ deferment. I was in the first draft and got a glorious number of 235 and did not go.  

Ten years later I was employed as IT personnel with the draft (Selective Service) at Great Lakes, Il on Greenbay and Buckley Road.  I was on the team that created a formula to select a random number with no duplication within the first 1000 numbers.  I’m a basic draft dodger who ended up working with the draft.  I’m from the class of 1965 in Waukegan, Illinois.