I was a sophomore at Duke University in 1968, a turbulent time to be sure.  My roommate had just flunked out and soon enlisted in the navy in order to avoid being drafted in to the army.

I did not support the war in VietNam as it seemed to be a senseless intervention in to the civil war there, nor did I subscribe to the "Domino" theory of advancing Communism.  However, I was and still am very much a patriot and supporter of our troops wherever they are.

I had suffered from a foot infection since my early teen years.  No one could figure it out.  Quite often my toenails fell off.  Finally I went to the Duke Hospital in search of a cure.  A wonderful dermatologist, a Dr. Tindal, figured out what no one else could, namely that I had a bacterial infection (pseudamonas) on top of several fungal infections.  He concocted a vaccine that provided a "cure."  However, he said that I must never wear anything but cotton socks and that I should stay away from overly humid conditions or my feet would be severely compromised.  As the jungles of VietNam are extremely hot and humid, he wrote me a deferment.

I am extremely saddened that so many of my brothers and sisters had to die or be injured in that war.  I played taps for several classmates and have identified names on The Wall on several occasions.  The war was unnecessary as Robert McNamara finally admitted prior to his death.