I had a very low lottery numer, but my draft status was decided before the drawing.  While a student in 1969, I neglected to fill out the forms that showed I was in good standing with UGa. One day a draft notice came to me by mail. I was dumbstruck, but reported for my physical as instructed.
We rode the bus from Athens to Atlanta. Most of those on the bus were African-American and I was probably the only college student. I remember taking the simplest test I’d had since seventh grade. No one around me passed the test but me. Next came the physical; it was like cattle being herded through a meat packing plant. Long story short, they discovered a heart murmur and declared me I-Y, later made IV-F.

In retrospect I understand who fought that war and who was excused. I cannot recall a single friend of mine at UGa who fought in Viet Nam.