Yes, remember those days very vividly! I graduated from UGA in 1969 and started working at Macon Jr. College as an Instructor. My draft board in Cairo, Ga. (my hometown) said I had to go serve. I moved my draft status to Macon, Ga. where I was living and appealed the decision. The draft board in Macon, Ga. was composed of 5 members. The vote was 3 to 2 that I had to serve.

I then enlisted so I could at least serve out the rest of the year in my teaching position. I did not have a lot of money or influence so I was not able to get into a reserve unit or avoid the draft. Some of my friends got into reserve units even when they did not have an opening.

Nothing fair about the lottery as far as I was concerned! The draft caused me to go through a divorce and my monthly pay dropped from over $1,000 to a little over $100. This created all kinds of credit problems for me. Knowing now what I did not know then- I should have headed to Canada!Did not serve in Vietnam but lost some friends there. Never forgive this country for getting into it!