In 1969 I was a fourth year student in pharmacy school at the University of Kansas.  Pharmacy school was a five year program and I was draft deferred. A friend of mine was in dental school (also deferred).  He spoke highly of the advantages of being a dentist.  I applied and was accepted.
Students graduating from dental school were being drafted while I was there but by the time I graduated in 1974 the war and the draft were winding down. I was never drafted or served.

My cousin and best friend was drafted out of law school at KU in his first year. We held a going away party, but he returned a couple of weeks later having been rejected due to back problems.

My roommate as a freshman at KU dropped out of school, joined the Marines, did two tours in Vietnam, and returned to the states only to be killed in a car crash in South Carolina.  I regret that I never wrote him or saw him again after he left school.