I came from a small town in north central Wisconsin. When I was drafted by my country I felt it was my duty to go. I went for my physical in Milwaukee. One month later I was in the Army, at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Next Fort Polk, Louisiana. Next to NCO School in Fort Benning, Georgia. I went to Viet Nam early 1970. I was assigned to the 101st Airborne. Here I am, 20 yrs old, in charge of 10 men with 3 mortar crews. For a few months we were south of Hue right along QL1 (the main road) doing support for ambushes by the Army and Marines. We had only some ARVN protection while we did our job but were very vulnerable. Later we moved west a lot on different missions. Finally I ended up on a firebase by the DMZ. I had numerous people hurt or wounded, none killed. I did my job, no regrets.