I remember it as a tense time.  I had a student deferment and was in the 1st semester of my sophmore year.  I did not want to be drafted out of college but did not object to military service.  I was not opposed to the War in Vietnam and did not support the student protests or leftist actvism on campus that arose because of the War or "student activism". My objection was to removal of deferments because I wanted a college degree if drafted to qualify for OCS.  I was active in the College Republicans and Young American for Freedom and so was on the "other side".  I had friends who were opposed to the War or the draft so I lived in both worlds.

I remember being amused at some of the anguish and fear from some.  Some people were petrified, some just did not want the government dictating that lives.

I remember all the hoopla about the draft night, the viewing parties and the board set up at the Student Union.  I was nervous but not fearful and knew that I could at least finish my sophmore year.  I was relieved at having a number over 200, although right now I do not remember what my number was.  I was never drafted and did not enlist after graduation.  By that time, 1972, the liberals in Congress had so sabotaged the war effort and so denigrated the military that I knew the War was lost on the home front and all that was left was more needless sacrifice among the military.  I supported our soldiers, tried to thank them and not belittle their service.

I do remember being amused by the ZBT frat photo that year in the Yack yearbook for UNC.  They had a long line of the frat members in draft lottery lined up to a chopping block and a black-hooded executioner.  He was a suite-mate of mine so I remembered the picture.

I do remember also how contentious the spring of 1970 was with the draft protests, anti-war activities and Kent State.  The activists got finals declared optional, but I took all my exams as my silent protest.  The mood on campus was certainly darker during the next two years and there was a lot of hard feelings on both sides.