The first lottery didn’t have as much visibility with me as the UNC basketball game that night to which I took an attractive freshman. Afterwards, she and I returned to my dorm where I was a resident advisor. Upon stepping off the elevator, some of my inebriated residents shouted and asked what my birthday was. No sooner than I yelled the reply, I was greeted with peals of drunken laughter. It was then that I learned of my fate as being #14. Thoughts of amor were superseded by quantities of alcohol.

Since my draft board was in Tidewater Virginia and very hawkish, I knew my notice would come on the first day. I ended up joining the National Guard and later the Army Reserves. I postponed graduate school for a year and had my life dominated by my military obligation for the 6 year commitment. While I didn’t enjoy the hassle, I never regretted my service time and the experience of meeting people and seeing places I wouldn’t have otherwise.