I escaped with 287; my friend was number 1.I was a sophomore in a fraternity at Carolina and many of us gathered in the "toob" room to watch the agony that night. One of the brothers sat out a semester and had lost his student deferment for a few months. He drew number 1. It set the tone for the rest of us. He subsequently failed his physical as being overweight (he was a state wrestling champion and a strong, but bulky guy). He feasted on pasta and beer for several months to keep his weight up until he recovered his student deferment – he was a noted figure in Charlotte and made the local news over this. I waited into the 100’s and couldn’t take it any longer, so went out for beer with the other faint of heart. When adequately "numbed", we stopped by the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society?) which had posted the results at its headquarters. I had 287. What a relief – I never forgot that number. While the "safe" numbers varied according to each local draft board, anything over 225 was considered safe. I switched schools later on and lost my deferment for a few months in the transition and was immediately called for a physical – which I passed. But I was never called for induction. Another brother missed the reading of the numbers and called CBS News in New York for the results. It was rumoured that he spoke to Roger Mudd and found his number to be in the safe zone. My brother-in-law panicked and joined the Coast Guard. His number was 325. Should have waited.