I think everyone remembers the lottery, especially the 1969 lottery.  I think the whole Lambda Chi fraternity joined in the TV room to learn their fate.  My birthday was March 15th and my number was 169. One of my closest fraternity brothers Newt was 165. I was on the bubble since they were potentially drafting to 196.  I decided 2 years in the jungle was too big a risk given that my father had spent WWII in the Pacific.  My fraternity brother decided to gamble even though he had a lower number and he never got called.

I opted for the Army Reserve.  The reservists were hated by the regular army since many of us were "college guys" and we were going home after basic and advanced training.  Most of the regular army guys going through training with me were from the South Side of Chicago and were there because they had been arrested and were given the choice of 2 years in jail or 2 years in the army.

By the end of basic training, the 4 reservists ended up being the 4 squad leaders. Another guy was a draft dodger who had gone to Canada until he decided to turn himself in.  He ended up being platoon leader.