I happen to be driving to my girlfriend’s sorority house to pick her up from dinner.  I’m listening to the radio in the car and the station music is pre-empted by the lottery secretary calling out birthdates in order starting from 1 to 365.  I realized then that my future after graduation that year would be determined by that number announced on the radio for my birthday.  My girlfriend finally came out and asked what I was listening to which became the topic for the rest of night.  We went back to her dorm so we could continue  listening to the radio in her room.  By the time we got back the numbers were already called and the radio station began recalling all the numbers in the order drawn.  I listened to the whole roll wondering if I missed my number or what?  My girlfriend was even more anxious.  Finally my number came up for February 21: No. 362!!!!! I’ll never believe anything luckier in my life than that.