My number came up at 116 and I fully expected to be drafted. The only reason that I can figure as to why I was not drafted is that the following summer I took a vacation in Canada. In order to travel out of the country as a draft age male you were required to notify your draft board. So, I went down to my draft board and told them I was going on a vacation to Hudson’s Bay (Churchill, Manitoba) for two weeks. What I guess happened is they pulled my card out of the file and put it in another file while I was on vacation and forgot to return it. I watched the numbers being drawn in the paper each week and thought they went to at least 125 and I never heard from them. I did not bother to go down to the draft board and tell them that I thought they made some kind of mistake. I suppose that makes me some kind of draft dodger, but I perfer to think that I got out on a clerical error.