We all sat around in our apartment living room waiting to hear our numbers being drawn. I was No. 154 which was akin to being in limbo. I finished out my degree at UW and interviewed for jobs. The year before I graduated I recall they drew numbers up to the low 200s.  As a result, getting anyone to offer me a job was difficult because they wanted to know what I was going to do about the draft. I took the plunge and signed up for the Reserves so I could definitively tell prospective empoyers what my plans were.  As it turned out they only went to No. 125 that year and I  would’ve never gotten called. I spent nine years in the Reserves, signing up for an additional 3 years past my obligation.  I was in a JAG unit and rose to the rank of Warrant Officer. After nine years my career got in the way of continuing my Reserve commitment so I resigned my commission.  Being in the Reserves back then is nothing like it is now, although there were some units called to active duty back then too, but not like now. Do I regret being in the Reserves? I respond with a resounding NO. I met a lot of good people who I’m fdriends with to this day. It was good experience as it opened me up to classes of people I would’ve never encountered. Frankly, I’m a supporter of everyone serving their country in some capacity, not necessarily in the military but in some capacity. It would make this country stronger.  I’ve got three boys ages 25 to 30 and none of them have ever voted! I find that disgusting but until they have to pay the consequences of not voting they probably won’t. I hope they’re the exception but I fear they’re not. Maybe the lottery wasn’t that bad after all.