I can still remember Lottery Night like it was last night.  I was a Resident Advisor in Sledd C Hall in my senior year at the University of Florida.  Most of the guys from the dorm were gathered in my room listening to the radio.  The rumor was that anyone with a number less than 250 would be called.  My heart sunk when my number turned out to be 194.  I was guessing that I would be right on the bubble and making any future plans that did not include going into one of the branches of the military did not look good.  Most of the other guys in the room who were affected by that lottery had much higher numbers and were relieved and elated.  Even though we had classes scheduled the next day we all went out and got smashed.

Two weeks after I graduated I got a call from my local Selective Service Office informing me that they would be calling my number before the end of the year.  I then enlisted in the Army, got into Military Intelligence and ended up never going to Viet Nam.