My birth date was 113 in the lottery.  I had to go to Milwaukee on a bus with a bunch of other young men and go through the military’s screening tests. 

I did NOT want to go to the war, which I thought was immoral and just plain wrong.  So I "checked the box" – that is, I put an X in the little box telling them that I was "unfit for military service" because I was gay.

So they sent me over to see a real sleazy shrink in a dumpy old building in downtown Milwaukee. He asked me a bunch of dumb questions – mostly about birth order, etc.  Then he wrote a report and sealed it in an envelope for me to take back to the military physicals place.

Of course the first thing I did when I got out of his office with the report in hand was to open it!  His handwriting was terrible, but I could decipher the "bottom line".  He said I was a "typical case".  I laughed ’til I cried!  I knew I was not going to Nam!

Since then I have graduated from law school, served on our City Council, and worked for the state part time for many years.  I was the first "out" elected official in the state and the 3rd in the nation.  Thanks for forcing me to come out, Military Draft!  I’ve had a great life since then.