The first 1969 lottery was a Monday night, broadcast nationally, in December of my sophomore year at the University of Florida. Before I left for class, a number of my fraternity brothers and myself each contributed $10 into a pool, to be given for the lowest number chosen……which no one wanted to win. The TV room was filling as I left for class…..when I returned, the attendance had dwindled as they were pulling No. 320.

No one could remember if my birthday had been picked.  I was convinced I had a low number, as one of my roommates was the pool winner with No. 2, and not at all happy. A few minutes later 333 was pulled, and although I wasn’t the highest, it was high enough to allow me to earn my degree a few years later.

As for our roommate, he left school at the end of that quarter. He has not been heard from since. Difficult and strange times for all.