I was actually drafted in January of 1969 PRIOR to the lottery. I had dropped down to 12 credits at UW-Madison which, according to the draft board, made me eligible. An acquaintance of mine was a 20-year Naval Reserve vet who pulled some strings and got me in the Navy.

Unfortunately, it was a 6 year hitch (4 active and 2 reserves). This was still better than a 2 year hitch in "Nam" so I signed up.  As it turned out, I did not have to worry because I washed out of basic with a bad back (which I still suffer from) and food allergies. Having had a taste of military life, I was glad to be back at UW. Dodging tear gas cannisters was immensely safer than dodging bullets. Even so, I have a healthy respect today for all of our veterans, especially those who did not make it home.