Life has its twists and turns and I am not sure what the grand plan is, but this is my story.

I was a senior at UCLA and would have been drafted as my lottery number was 80.  But in the fall of 1970 I developed cancer.  I had two surgeries and three years of chemotherapy but I am alive to tell my story.  I lost one quarter of school and had to make it up in the summer.  I had planned to apply to medical or dental school but had to postpone that plan during my chemo that made me very sick each week that I had it.  After getting a masters degree, I worked for my dad for 2 years while I finished my chemotherapy.  
My draft status changed after I got cancer, from II-S to IV-F as cancer was grounds for the IV-F.
I ended up applying and getting into dental school in 1974.  I graduated and have practiced dentistry for the last 30 years, also being very involved in my local community as a Chamber of Commerce President and community activist.