I was attending UCLA and lived in a frat house in 1969.  I had made the decision to not apply for my school deferment after being denied a conscientious objector status.  I was subsequently classified I-A.  I sat around a radio with my frat brothers intently listening to the drawing of birthdays which determined the lottery number.  The first date announced was Sept. 14.  I let out a sigh of relief since my birthday is on May 29.  The date seemed familiar though and I soon remembered that my younger brother was born on that day.  He had recently dropped out of junior college and had also become classified as I-A.  His birthday selection guaranteed his induction.  He decided to enlist into the Army and eventually served in Vietnam.  I was fortunate and didn’t hear my birthday called until it was the 226th.  That evening I became the number two son since the draft had made my brother number one despite my being the oldest son.  I never was drafted since that first year of the draft I don’t believe they got past number 195.  The following year they had to go through the newest eligible birthdays before selecting from the previous year.  Lucky me.