It’s funny the numbers that you remember in life.

Your social security number, your first phone number growing up. I even remember my brother’s Air Force ID #.  And, I will always remember being 250 in the draft.
I was a sophmore at Los Angeles City College with a student deferment. My grades weren’t great and I was concerned about losing it.  And then the lottery occurred.
Prior to the lottery, I was thinking that if I was drafted I would have to move to Canada. It would have been difficult because I was 1/2 the support of my widowed mother. I had no money (and very few friends) and I didn’t know what I would do, except I knew that if I went to Vietnam two things would occur. I would be killed and my mother would die from a broken heart.
When I was lucky enough to draw 250, I knew that I was saved. I immediately cancelled my student deferment and became I-A. I knew that after they got through the first year’s numbers, they would have to go through all of the 2nd year’s numbers before they could get to me. Under the worst circumstances, I would have at least another 12-18 months.
The freedom of not having the war hanging over me allowed me to reach my potential. I transferred to UCLA and began my career. 
Now, if my sons were facing the draft, I would be the first one to get them on the plane to Canada, or wherever else was safe.