By the time of the lottery in 1969, I was exempt from the draft because I had already completed my active duty with the US armed forces. This doesn’t mean I was unaware or indifferent to the lottery. I was pleased to see that rich kids would have to sweat a bit to avoid service. Of course, as long as you had a friendly family physician, it wasn’t impossible to do.

I do recall that sometime after re-entering UCLA in Fall 1969, I decided to participate in the anti-draft hysteria by tossing my draft card into the water off Santa Monica pier. Of course, my classification at the time was something like "exempt veteran", but it was still fun to do. Remember that back then everyone had to be a non-conformist, though you had to non-conform in the approved way: jeans, hair, anti-everything.

Thanks for reminding me of the good old days, when my VW sported an "America, Change It or Lose It" bumper sticker.  I will never forget the day I sat in on a film class, just to watch the movie they were showing. At the end, before the discussion, a student came up front and said he had an announcement: "The establishment has co-opted the revolution". Those were the days. All Power to the People!  Free All Political Prisoners!