I was eager to become part of the military.  My family dates back in the United States to prior 1800.  Every male of my family has been in the military and fought in every war and conflict since the War of 1812.  All four of my children including my daughter have been in the military as well.  So, it was not even an option for me to attempt a deferment.  I wanted to go to Vietnam.  I also was glad that I did.  I can honestly say that I supported my fellow veterans and my country.  As to whether or not the war was a correct war wasn’t for me to decide.  Just as the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars are not.  As a 32 year veteran of the reserves, I also served in Afghanistan.  Again, It was my privilege and desire to serve my country and fellow veterans.  My children have all served multiple deployments in Iraq.  It troubles me deeply to read such stories of cowardice of attempts at avoiding military service because it isn’t the war someone wants to fight.  We all can’t wait until a war comes along that’s hunky dorry for all of us.  I can only hope that the men that have fought alongside me, some giving the ultimate sacrifice, will be always appreciated for their service to their country versus the cowardly draft dodger.