At the time I was a student at Chico State University (in northern Calif). I guess I was fairly naive because I didn’t pay much attention to the war & wasn’t much concerned about the upcoming draft. Anyway, on the way to school the next day, I dropped by a girlfriend’s house for some coffee & she asked "So what’s your number?" I said "What number?" She replied "Your draft lottery number, you big dummy! What other number! They’re listed on the front page of the Chronicle (San Fran)."  She asked "What’s your birthday?"  And I answered "April 24th". So she started from the bottom (No. 366) and moved progressively up through the numbers. Not seeing my birth date she went to the top of the list & then paused. "What’s  your birthday again?"  She gave me the paper. I was somewhat shaken. My number was 2. That number changed my life forever. Six months later I was headed for that war.