This is the only lottery that I ever won, and probably the only one that I ever will.  I was a student in college & was reclassified because I stayed out of school for one semester and got married.  That made me eligible for the lottery.  Every time that I was classified I-A, I filed for reclassification.  That delayed the inevitable until I was able to complete college. 

In November 1969, I reported for the physical and was sent to Fort Campbell, KY for basic training.  As you may remember,  on January 1, 1970, the Modern Volunteer Army was put into place.  What a change that made in basic!  After completion of basic, I was given orders to report to Fort Lewis, WA after a 30 day leave.  I also had orders to to go to US Army Alaska, aka the Polar Bear Command, for my next assignment.  I spent the next 18 month at Fort Greeley, AK assigned to the Engineering Division of the Facilities Engineers of that base, where I worked as an electrical engineer fot the duration of my time in the Army, a total of 22 months.
That was a very enjoyable tour being stationed in interior Alaska for 18 months and then driving back home to NC from interior Alaska.  I could not have planned a better situation for my time in the Army.