I had applied for and was granted a classification 1-A-0 which was a concientious objector opposed to taking human life, but not opposed to a Nation’s right to raise up an Army. Three funny things happened: the Marines wanted me, but they couldn’t accept a 1-A-0; the Army took me in May 1969; I was in a few months when the first lottery came along, my number was 002!

So the Army took me in, made me a Medic, sent me to ‘Nam, and I ran the bush as a platoon medic for my year without a weapon. To top it all off, not one of my patients died. I have a very low opinion of every draft dodger, even those wimps pardoned by my President a few years later. I took that pardon as a slap in my face, and as disrespect to every ‘Nammie who died or was wounded.

Thanks for listening.