I was a sophomore at NC State in Dec. ’69.  Don’t recall the way I learned my number, 189, but thought I still had a low to moderate chance of being drafted.  I was not, and that allowed me to move on with marriage, finishing college, children and a career in education. Now, on closing that career to my state, I am proud to have made a contribution to my fellow man. 

However, because I did not serve in the military, I feel as a second class to those who did. For those called belong to a "brotherhood" of men/women, who through the centuries defended their homeland at risk of life.  No honorable or meritorious service at home can match that given by any U.S. military man/woman.  So, for my peers who volunteered or were called to military service, to fight if necessary and, for some, to die, I am honored to stand and salute you, for had my lottery number been lower, there too would have been I, for I would not decline my country’s call. God bless the USA.