I still remember what I was doing on the date the draft lottery I was involved in was drawn on 2 February 1972.  I had attended a high school basketball game.  My team won, but I can’t remember the score.  I walked home in snow from the basketball game, having missed the drawing of the draft lottery, but I was very worried, as I was not keen on fighting in a war that I felt was unnecessary. 

Since registering for the draft I was even contemplating fleeing to Canada if nailed with a low number.  Although I was born English and have always been English I lived in Buffalo, NY from 1956 to 1976, then moved back to England with my parents in 1976 where I have lived ever since.  As soon as I arrived home from the school basketball game my mother broke the good news to me that I had drawn a very high draft number, number 358 paired with 19 March 1953, my birthday. 

I immediately jumped for joy because I was so relieved.  I still remember it as one of the most exhilarating happy nights of my life.  It meant it was no longer necessary for me to move to Canada.  To me, it was actually the same thing as being granted an exemption from the draft.