My lottery story is more about a friend of mine.  At the time, we were enrolled as students at Kansas State University.  The night of the lottery, a group of us attended the K-State basketball game and afterwards, returned to our residence where some other buddies had remained to study and catch the lottery numbers. 

One of my friends who had attended the game, didn’t see his number in the first three hundred – so he went to Aggieville to ‘celebrate’ his good fortune.  As it turned out, my friend got up the next morning with a hang-over, checked the papers and learned his lottery number was actually 2!  He went to the Army ROTC department and enrolled.  He went on to make the Army a career, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. 

My number left me in limbo for another year before, I too, enrolled in Army ROTC.  I later served with the 1st Infantry Division after they came out of Vietnam.