I was a senior in college during the first draft lottery in late 1969. In the fraternity house, we had a $1.00 entry fee for a pool to reward the "winner" of the lottery – but the guy with the highest number had to match the pot. It was over quickly for me as my birthday came up #001. I think I won about $20 dollars but I forget if the high number individual paid.
I became a minor celebrity on campus. I was not scheduled to graduate until the following June so I called the draft board. They were accomodating and told me that they would wait on sending me my draft notice until after graduation.
I was inducted in September, 1970. Ft Knox for basic and then to Ft Rucker. I was not sent to Vietnam but our company, the 46th Engineering Battalion, rotated people in and out of Vietnam. My number never came up. MOS 82B20. The people coming back to Ft Rucker from Vietnam reported very little combat in their area let along any casualties. ETS – 1972. The experience was a positive one for me. Now, at age 62, I have moved way beyond the draft lottery (five grandchildren) but enjoy recounting my little story.