I had several near misss with the Vietnam situation during my stay at Carolina.

The first was in 1966, during my sophomore year. Every male student received mistakenly re-classified draft notices (from II-S to I-A) from the Cumberland County Draft  Board on a Friday afternoon. After several follow-up letters we were re-classified to student status again, but not fast enough to stop us from thinking we were all going to be drafted.

The second experience was a test given on a Saturday morning to determine if we could score at a high enough level to remain deferred. We were all fingerprinted by the FBI before taking the test.

The third was the actual lottery. I came in at No. 110, which was not considered safe. Other than my mother freaking out over all of this, no other special events. I was never drafted. Finished at UNC in 1969 and went on to medical school. My Dad always said he had been in two wars (WWII and Korea) and he felt he had served for both of us.