I received my "greetings" just 42 days after getting my UNC degree.  A colleague of my wife’s suggested I actually enlist, for the full three years, to guarantee a school.  I did and never regretted it.  I also took part in the "delayed entry" program, deferring my enlistment until early December of that year. 

A week or so before entering the service, we visited my parents in Fort Myers, Florida.  The draft lottery was held one evening after I had gone to bed.  The next morning in the kitchen, all my mother could say was, "Oh, Lou."  My number was 355. 

If I hadn’t already been called, I never would have been!  On the other hand, if the Army hadn’t shown me that I had some skills as a teacher/trainer, I would not be able to say that in March of this year I celebrated 30 years as a professional speaker.  Things work out, don’t they?  See what you think at www.LouHeckler.com