Since I had a student deferment until June 1969 and graduated in May 1969 and had no physical reasons for deferment or rejection, by the time the lottery occurred on 12/1/1969, it was not relevant to me.  I joined the U.S. Army Reserve in Feb 1969, my senior year in college and was under some threat to be called to active duty training before the end of my final semester.  Once I made it to June, I was told it would be Jan 1970 before I would get orders.  I was part of a Durham NC USAH (U.S. Army Hospital) unit. 

So my wife and I got married in August and I got orders in September for October.  At the time of the draft lottery, I was at Fort Dix, NJ in basic training and had a six year obligation to the Army Reserve.

My first job was in Charlotte, NC and I eventually tranferred to a Charlotte USAR School Unit that taught Command and General Staff courses during the two weeks summer camp.  I spent my first summer camp during the first moon landing at Fort Jackson, SC and my last summer camp at Ft. Belvoir, VA.  The four in the middle were at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg MS, very good duty.

Eventually, I was a staff sergeant when my 6 years were up in Feb 1975.  My birthday was Jan 2 1947.  I have no regrets and still believe that I would have been drafted in the summer of 1969, if I had not joined the Army Reserve.

My brother was born in 1951 and was affected by the later lottery, had a low number and also joined a different Army Reserve unit, finishing his 6 years in 1977.