After graduating from UNC-CH in August of 1969, like many of my peers Vietnam was in my future. My first (non-military) job after college was training mine/trip-wire dogs for duty in Nam. I began to realize what these dogs were being trained to do was important, and that the non-PC war was a part of America’s place in the world. (To oppose dictatorships and provide protection for those who were less fortunate.)

Not many of us wanted to go to Nam but I accepted that it would be in my future. I bought my army surplus combat boots and started running and getting in shape. I got the notice from the draft board to arrange a physical in October 1969 in Charlotte, NC. Since I was then working in the Raleigh area, I asked them to move the physical to Raleigh and the request was granted. But divine intervention would step in. I got a job in Western NC and asked the draft board to move my physical back to Charlotte…also granted. I passed the physical in December 1969 with expected induction in January of 1970.

Then came the lottery. I rolled No. 320 and I never got that call to be inducted. I know now that my Godly mother spent much time in prayer for my safety and believe that it was not in God’s plan for me to go. But, I still have great respect for those of you who served and thank you for your sacrifice.