My number was 151 meaning that I was likely to be drafted upon graduation from Duke. I was a pre-med major (as were 50% of the males in my class) and the competition for grades was fierce and cut-throat, because medical schools were focused on your GPA as a great criteria for acceptance. After my sophomore year, I thought seriously about transferring to architecture school which meant transferring to NC State as Duke had no program. I was accepted but found that none of my Chemistry and Biochemistry credits would transfer as they were not applicable to my new proposed major. I would have been immediately reclassified as I-A and reported to my local draft board.

I decided to stick it out and went to the University of South Carolina medical school, graduating in 1974 as the war ended. I practiced surgery in my home town of Florence, S.C. for 27 years, retiring in 2006. Who knows, but for the lottery I might have been an architect!