I was a student at Duke Divinity School in 1969.  My lottery number was 74, a number that would have resulted in my being drafted except that my divinity school status provided me a ministerial deferment.  A fellow student made a convincing case that divinity students shouldn’t "hide behind" our ministerial deferment.  It wasn’t fair.  According to him, we should write our draft boards and decline the deferment and face the same tough choices of other young men regarding being drafted, going to Canada, or declaring ourselves conscientious objectors. 

While I was contemplating what to do about this moral dilemma, I learned that my draft board simply would not lift my deferment as long as I was a divinity school student.  Since I had no intention of dropping out, I was not drafted.  After graduating I wrote the draft board to ask about my status and was told that at age 25 I was too old to be drafted.