We were back in our fraternity dorm room at Duke after watching the TV broadcast of the draft, trying to understand the implications of our respective lottery numbers.  My roommate, Richard, was there – everyone called him The Chard. 

A kid we didn’t know stuck his head in our room to see if we had the list of lottery numbers.  "Where’s the chart?" he asked.  My roommate got up, walked over, and said "I’m The Chard."  The kid looked puzzled.  "You’re the chart??"  There were a lot of smart people at Duke – could this guy have already memorized each of the 365 dates and numbers? 

"Right, I’m The Chard", my roommate repeated, "What do you want?" 

"OK" said the kid, "October 12, what’s my number?" 

"How in the hell should I know?", Richard replied with disgust.  Thoroughly confused now, the kid turned and walked out.  Richard had no idea what had just happened, but the rest of us laughed for a long time.