It is early December and a group of us from Canterbury are in Greensboro for an early season Duke basketball game at the recently refurbished Greensboro Coliseum. We are sitting in the stands and the draft lottery begins.

Transistor radios are in use but not real common. The first number pulled is September 14th. We hear that and two of us from Canterbury who are at the game stand up and take bows.

For the other guy, Wee Willie Freeman, at 6′ 4", 325 lbs, it was no concern. He was 23 and had already served. To me it seemed no problem I was in Air Force ROTC. Subsequently I flunked out and in the period between matriculations I became I-A.  Oops.  However the war was winding down and although I was No. 1 and first to be called by the Fairfax County Draft Board, there were no calls in the period I was I-A.