College sophomore sitting around the TV drinking beer, watching the lottery.  Probably 20 fraternity brothers, all of us gathered around.  Cheers and hollers when our birthdays were called.  Other then real low numbers like my roommate, No. 26, most of us didn’t know how serious our numbers were.  Like myself some of us still had a few years to worry about it, as long as we stayed in school. 

One frat brother, in the ensuing months, took a frying pan to his knee when he quit school.  Others, like myself, waited until our senior year and shopped the services to see what was available other than the Army.  Roommate with the No. 26 joined the Naval Reserve, other roommate with a 12x and a sister on the draft board, never was called. 

The day after graduation, 3 June 1971, my draft notice was at my mom’s house.  I fortunately had been offered the opportunity to fly airplanes for the Navy.  Shipped to Aviation Officers Candidate School in Nov. 1971.  Arrived in the Gulf of Tonkin Aug 1973, 4 1/2 months after the Peace Treaty.  Spent 29 years in the Navy flying fighter aircraft.